Pre Wedding Photography In Singapore

The key to every good wedding photograph is to engage the best pre wedding photographer in Singapore for your photoshoot. Of course, other than doing that, what are some of the other things that you can be doing to ensure that your pre wedding photographs turn out looking great?

– Take your photoshoot at great locations in Singapore! Not every location in Singapore would make for a great wedding photograph. There are some places in Singapore which will definitely be nicer as a backdrop for your wedding photographs. If you need some suggestions, here are some: Tuas Lallang fields, Fullerton Bay Hotel, Hort Park, Upper Seletar Reservoir. You can try to be ‘uniquely Singapore’ and have your photographs taken with HDBs in the back drop, but I can guarantee you will regret that choice years from now.

– Make sure that you choose the right bridal gown. If the suit and the gown does not fit the couple, then no matter how good the photographer is, there is only so much he or she can do to make you look stunning in the eventual wedding photographs. Having a bridal gown and suit which suits you in terms of your figure and design is extremely crucial to getting beautiful wedding photos.

– Engage a good makeup artist. Not every wedding photographer is equally good, and not every make up artist is good. Make sure you’re able to find one who is not only experienced, but whose style suits the kind of feeling you want to give off. A truly good make up artist can take an average looking lady and turn her into a gorgeous bombshell.

– Bring a towel and water bottles around. Singapore has a very humid and warm weather all year round. If you are having an outdoor pre wedding photoshoot in Singapore, chances are, you’re going to be perspiring. Make sure to hydrate yourself regularly so that you do not look pale in your wedding pictures, and bring the towel so you can wipe yourself dry (especially your forehead) when the weather is warm, so that you can look good in your wedding pictures and not look like you have a glistening forehead. This ties into the previous point of getting a good makeup artist. With foundation properly applied, you’re also naturally less likely to perspire profusely.

Hopefully the above advice and tips will help you ensure that your pre wedding photographs turn out looking AWESOME! (:

Singapore versus overseas pre wedding photo shoot

I’m sure majority of Singaporeans have given a serious thought on this matter – whether to have their pre wedding photo shoots locally in Singapore, or overseas. Both have their pros and cons, and I’m making sure that you will make an informed decision by telling you all the things you need to take into consideration.

pre wedding photography

The first thing that comes to mind is the cost. A local pre wedding photo shoot in Singapore will definitely be cheaper than an overseas one. That is because of the additional charges that you will have to pay on top of your wedding photography package – air ticket, accommodation, and transportation expenses. Moreover, you might not be just paying for your spouse and yourself. If your wedding photographer is from Singapore, You will have to pay for the photographer’s air ticket, accommodation, and transportation too. Basically, you will have to pay for everything for the photographer (except for shopping) to get him to come overseas with you for your photo shoot. However, there are some wedding studios in Singapore offering cheaper overseas wedding photography packages by working with overseas wedding studios. As the photographer is a resident at the destination country, the customers will not need to pay for his air ticket and accommodation. Grandeur wedding studio is one such wedding studios in Singapore offering these competitive wedding photography packages. Check them out at

The next thing you have to consider is whether you have the luxury of time to go overseas for your wedding photo shoot. Local pre wedding photo shoot will usually take one to two days. This means you can complete the entire photo shoot over the weekends. If you are going overseas for your wedding photo shoot, you may need at least two to four days for it. This means that you and your spouse will have to take leave to go for your overseas wedding photo shoot. This is only a problem for the workaholics.

Moreover, you will have to take into consideration the weather. If you want a snowy wedding photo shoot, then there aren’t much to think about. You and your spouse have to go overseas for your wedding photo shoot, unless you intend to have it inside Singapore’s Snow City. Some people prefer to have their wedding photo shoot in an autumn setting. It’s really up to your and your spouse’s preferences.

Considerations for wedding photo shoots outside Singapore

If you are a Singaporean thinking about getting your pre or actual wedding photo shoot outside Singapore, then this post is just for you! Having your wedding photo shoot overseas instead of Singapore entails more complications and considerations that you have to take into account. If you want your overseas wedding photo shoot to go smoothly, please read my tips below.

1. Finalize the itinerary with your wedding studio
Wedding studios like Grandeur Wedding Studio, or otherwise known as GWS, are familiar with the popular and scenic overseas locations to host wedding photo shoots. The photographers from the wedding studios will plan the photo shoot locations. While the photo shoot locations are hugely decided by the photographers, customers can have a say on the duration at each photo shoot locations, and the rest time in between. For customers who tires easily, you may prefer to have shorter wedding photo shoot sessions and longer time to rest and travel around overseas. Go over your itinerary with your wedding studio and make sure you and your spouse are totally comfortable with the pace of the itinerary.

2. Book your lodging and transport as early as possible
Once your itinerary is finalized, please proceed to book your lodging and transport as early as possible. This is to avoid making last minute bookings which usually are rejected. Secure your lodging as early as possible to make sure you will be able to stay at your ideal place. Surely, you will want to pick a lodging that is near your photo shoot locations as well. The traveling time saved from traveling to photo shoot locations can be used for your leisure purposes. Remember to include your photographer in the lodging booking as well.

3. Prepare your cosmetic items
Sometimes, people are not used to the overseas environment. The air may be too dry or humid for them which will result in skin changes. Skins may turn very dry and start to peel. Hence, you will need to prepare cosmetic items to take care of your skin in the different environment. For instance, you may need a stronger moisturizer or toner.

Know the terms of your Singapore wedding photography package

When you are purchasing your Singapore wedding photography package, you will need to sign a lengthy purchase agreement that outlines all the terms and conditions associated with the provision of the wedding photography services. Many people do not look through the terms carefully and some suffered the consequences later on.

There are some terms you will need to take note when signing your wedding photography package:

wedding photography purchase agreement

1. Non-refundable deposit
Most wedding studios require their customers to place a non-refundable deposit when purchasing the wedding photography services. Hence, do not think that you can cancel your wedding photography package without incurring some form of penalty. Think twice before cancelling your photography package. This is quite a heavy expense for most people.

2. Designated wedding photographer

Does your wedding photography package designate a particular wedding photographer for your photo shoot? If not, they will not be legally obliged to provide you a particular wedding photographer for your photo shoot even if you expressed interest to have that photographer handle your photo shoot. If you really want a particular wedding photographer to handle your wedding photo shoot, have it written down in the purchase agreement. Most wedding studios will not designate wedding photographers to the photo shoot. Few wedding studios such as Grandeur Wedding Singapore still do. Further from designating a particular main wedding photographer for your wedding photo shoot, Grandeur Wedding Studio also designates back-up wedding photographers so you will know exactly who to expect for your photo shoot.

3. List of services and products included in purchase agreement
You should also note the section of the purchase agreement detailing all the services and products covered for the fee you are paying. Make sure that all the prior-agreed services and products are included for the price that you are paying. Otherwise, you will end up paying more in the future.

Where To Take Your Wedding Photographs In Singapore?

My previous posts talked about how to find a local wedding photographer. Now, let us talk about where you should ideally take your prewedding photographs in Singapore to ensure that the photographs turn out looking great.

Here are some things that you should take note of for your wedding photographs to look great:

  • The places where you choose to take your prewedding photographs should have good lighting. This means that there should ideally be clear sunlight above you, and yet some places with shelter / shade. Standing under the shade under bright sunlight will actually make you look great. Just make sure that the sunlight is also in front of you, and not just behind you. This is absolutely important or you would look dark.
  • Choose places or outfits which complement each other in colours. For instance, please do not wear a green T-shirt to have your wedding photographs taken at Hort Park. You will look like a bush.
  • If you need to go to an usually crowded location for your wedding photography in Singapore, then make sure that you engage a good wedding photographer. This is because not every photographer knows how to time asking the couple to pose and start snapping away photographs. If he or she does not know how to do this effectively, there will either be people in the photographs OR you would end up with a candid shot that looks absolutely unglamarous.

With the above said, here are some great locations in Singapore which you can consider having your prewedding photo shoot in Singapore.

Hort Park. As mentioned above, it’s a hot spot for couples looking to take photographs at, just make sure that you’re wearing something contrasting to the massive amounts of greenery next to you at Hort Park so that you will stand out instead of blend into the surroundings in your photographs.

Marina Barrage. Offering great background shots as well as being open and well-lit enough, taking your wedding photographs at Marina Barrage can be a very good idea, just check out the following photo!

marina barrage wedding image

How To Have Pretty Wedding Photography In Singapore

Every bride and groom wants their wedding photographs to be absolutely perfect. After all, for many people in Singapore, wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and event. Therefore, most people want to ensure that the photographs that turn out look great – if not the best in Singapore and the world! Here are some tips to ensure that your taken wedding photographs turn out looking great.

  1. This is such a simple tip, but overlooked by many couples in this day and age. Many people think that because of technology improvements that a good photographer doesn’t need to be engaged anymore. A good wedding photographer in today’s age is not indicated by the angle of photographing the couples, photographing the important moments, or editing but all of it combined. My personal recommended wedding photographer in Singapore would actually be a studio (with several professional photographers working under them) – Grandeur Wedding Studio Singapore
  2. Be exciting! Many couples have lots of ideas during their planning time, but are afraid to go for it due to feeling embarrassed. If you want to pose like Jack and Rose at the front of a yacht, go do it! If you want to pose like Romeo and Juliet, go do it! Years later when you look back at your life and especially your wedding photos, you’re going to regret the things you didn’t go for, not those you did.
  3. Don’t take cliche photos. Most couples take cliche photos, and end up looking mediocre. Remember, the average’ is always mediocre – make sure to do something unique. If you have a special idea that no one else is doing, trust me, do it, you’ll be happier and the photograph would look a lot more unique!

Use the above tips, and you should ensure that your wedding photographs don’t turn out looking bland or boring! Enjoy!

Why A Wedding Studio Is Better Than A Single Photographer

If you were going to get someone to help you photograph your wedding ceremony, you would definitely be searching for either a studio or  a photographer you know. Which one should you choose for the best results – to get the best wedding photos though? Here are my two cents.

  • When I say wedding studios, I do not mean those which only take indoor wedding photoshoots at their studios. What I mean is wedding photography companies which hire photographers, rather than being a one person show. This means there are at least several wedding photographers working under that company, versus the case of only a single photographer (this is more common than you may think). A wedding studio offers you flexibility. If you have engaged service providers of any kind, you will know that things can happen or people fall sick. This means that if you were to engage only a single photographer, what happens when he or she falls sick? Can he or she guarantee a back up as good as he or she is? With a wedding photography studio however, it’s generally safer because the quality of a studio is the average of their photographers combined. Hence, even with a back up, there is a good chance the back up may be even better than the original person!
  • A studio is more accountable. Some photographers don’t even bother building their brand name, and just run around as a small sole proprietor business. However, for most studios, they work hard at building their brand name. This means that they will take greater care in protecting the quality of their brand name. This means that their customer service support is also usually better (it is also partly because they usually have a dedicated customer service support team versus those companies which are operated only by a single wedding photographer).

How To Find A Good Bridal Photographer In Singapore?

Finding a good wedding photographer is a big concern among brides in Singapore these days when there are so many terrible wedding photographers, and some even turned up on the news and online social media channels for being downright terrible!

Although generally most photographers in Singapore are decent in quality, there ARE some photographers who are so bad at what they do. Thankfully though, majority of the wedding photographers in Singapore are good. Therefore, to best guide you to finding a good wedding photographer in Singapore, it’s more important to tell you what characteristics are common for BAD photographers.

  1. Bundled along together with some other packages (where the overall price is cheap). For example, you may get an actual day wedding photographer who comes with the wedding gown as well as make up artist services for less than $3000. Does that even make sense? Did you know that a decent photographer costs already $3000 ALONE? If you pay $3000 in total, and think you got a good deal, you got RIPPED OFF… in terms of quality! Make sure that you’re paying for the quality of wedding photos that you want for your very own wedding.
  2. He or she is a sole proprietor with no branding e.t.c. This is usually a red flag. Why? I know, some of you may say that I’m over judging. However, it’s more true than not. Here’s why. If a photographer was that good, he or she would have built a brand around himself or herself, or founded a studio and grew it. Why would he or she not take any kind of efforts to truly brand himself or herself if he or she truly believes that his or her own wedding photographs look awesome? I certainly would.
  3. This is the simplest check of all – simply find out online! A quick Google search would turn up so many reviews and things about you as well as the wedding photographer you’re thinking of engaging!

So far, the best wedding photographer in Singapore I’ve encountered thus far as a part time photographer, is Grandeur Wedding Studio – Even I think that their photographs look awesome from my photographer’s POV.