Reviews Of Singapore’s Social Escort Agencies

Here’s a quick review of Singapore’s top social escort agencies. Keep in mind, these are just my personal opinions, not everyone may agree on it as everyone’s preference for girls is just vastly different.

First of all, I love Asian girls, and Singapore looking girls in particular. I like small, petite and beautiful women, and not big nasty women. This means that I particularly love young and slim Singaporean women, and so I only engage the social escort services of Singaporean women and agencies which specialize in them. As most agencies in Singapore actually do not specialize, this significantly narrows down my choices.

The first Singapore agency I would like to review is SG VIP Escorts. A relatively newly established agency, they are getting popular now due to the high standards of the girls and social escort services they provide. Specializing only in local SG girls (at least as of the last time I engaged their services), SG VIP Escorts provides excellent social escort services because they only engage local university graduates and above for their girls, thereby ensuring that their girls are able to engage in business speak and are eloquent, which frequently is the main reason men engage their services. This is because personally, I use social escorts only for social events (business). So, being eloquent and well dressed is highly important for me as a criteria in social escorts.

The second Singapore agency I would like to review is SG Model Escorts. They also specialize in Singaporean girls when it comes to their services. In general, I think the quality of their girls lookwise is on par with SG VIP Escorts, so, if you want to engage a social escort only for dating purpose, then both are fine. If you want to bring them to business events though, then make sure to engage SG VIP Escorts instead, as SG Model Escorts does not specialize only in eloquent university graduates while SG VIP Escorts does, so that will be more suitable if this is your main purpose for hiring an escort.

3 Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Singaporean Girl

Girls of every country vary in their likes and preferences and behaviors due to the different cultures of each country. Here are the 3 most important things you need to know before dating a Singapore girl.

SG girls want a ‘high social-economic status (SES)’ man

First of all, most Singaporean girls treat academic results and financial status as very important things in men. This is because when they were young, they were indoctrinated either by their parents or by school teachers that grades are everything. Hence, they usually want a man who’s at least as highly educated as her, if not more. Secondly, once they enter the workforce, SG chicks tend to get more materialistic, as luxury items in Singapore like mansions and supercars cost a lot more than that of most other countries around the world. Therefore, to appreciate these worldly possessions, they would prefer if their man would have strong financial standing so she can safely afford them.

Singapore girl

Image by Flickr User: amontei Mable – Bikini # 4

Local girls can be very feminine!

Second of all, even though many people look at materialistic possessions in Singapore, Singaporean girls can also be very ‘feminine’. Local girls are not some hard charging, masculine career women. Most women in Singapore would be more than happy to be a typical ‘小女人’, meaning they would gladly take on the very traditional female roles such as being a housewife and caretaker of children. In fact, actually most women in Singapore are not extremely career minded, despite the strong front SG chicks usually like to portray.

Girls in Singapore are quite conservative culturally

Third of all, most typical Singaporean girls are actually very conservative. However, this has to do with most of the population in general (including men). Therefore, unless you’re in clubs e.t.c., picking up random girls on the streets may get you a lot more resistance than a Western country such as USA, even if you’re a highly attractive man, as women are just more resistant to random men approaching them in general. In fact, even dating online has more problems in Singapore than other countries. This is why I personally engage social escorts instead. I also share with you my thoughts on the best Singapore local based social escort agencies in my other article – click here to read my review of Singapore escort agencies.

Of course, Singaporean women have good and bad points, just like any other women of any other country. What matters is the girl you find has more good than bad points to you, then that’s all that matters.