Engaging Social Escort Services In Singapore

Sometimes, I hate dealing with the emotional hassles of a relationship, and even more than that, the complaining that girls like to do to a man if you’re in a relationship with her. So, while I was single, I actually engaged social escort services in Singapore before.

Social escorts are girls who usually work for an agency such as SG VIP Escorts, Madam Q e.t.c. They provide companionship services, and what some people affectionately call girlfriend experience (GFE) in Singapore and they charge by the hour. This means that you pay for the service for however long you want a girl (of your choice) at an agency to act as your girlfriend. Keep in mind though, that sex or related activities is strictly prohibited.

Usually social escorts are engaged when you’re going to a business convention in Singapore, or sometimes to the casinos as an arm candy for foreigners to Singapore. The main purpose of social escorts is to pose as your girlfriend and they’re usually gorgeous looking so they’ll elevate your social status when you’re networking with other people or wanting to enter the casinos.

Essentially, they act as ‘temporary girlfriends’ and are also usually highly educated (usually are degree holders), and are thus able to engage with you or your business friends in simple business speak at least without sounding like a low class girl. As you already know, ‘face’ in Singapore is extremely important, so when you engage a high class social escort in Singapore, you instantly elevate your own face and social status at business meetings where you may have to entertain clients.

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