Processing Of Ordering Social Escort Services In Singapore?

If you are an expatriate or are a local who have not ordered a social escort before, here is a list of things that would happen for most agencies in Singapore. If you want to book a social escort, then click here instead.

Make a booking for escorts in Singapore through registered escort agencies only

First of all, I highly recommend that you only look for escorts through registered agencies. If you approach the girl directly, she is possibly under-aged, and she may be a foreigner working on an illegal work permit in Singapore – both of which will also get customers (e.g. you) into big time trouble with the legal system in Singapore. Don’t run this stupid risk and only engage social escorts from the agencies.

Social escorts are girls who usually work for an agency such as SG VIP Escorts, Madam Q e.t.c. They provide companionship services, and what some people affectionately call girlfriend experience (GFE) in Singapore and they charge by the hour. This means that you pay for the service for however long you want a girl (of your choice) at an agency to act as your girlfriend. Keep in mind though, that sex or related activities is strictly prohibited.

Usually social escorts are engaged when you’re going to a business convention in Singapore, or sometimes to the casinos as an arm candy for foreigners to Singapore. The main purpose of social escorts is to pose as your girlfriend and they’re usually gorgeous looking so they’ll elevate your social status when you’re networking with other people or wanting to enter the casinos.

Girlfriend experience known as GFE in Singapore

Essentially, they act as ‘temporary girlfriends’ and are also usually highly educated (usually are degree holders), and are thus able to engage with you or your business friends in simple business speak at least without sounding like a low class girl. As you already know, ‘face’ in Singapore is extremely important, so when you engage a high class social escort in Singapore, you instantly elevate your own face and social status at business meetings where you may have to entertain clients.

Pick the escort girl you want to book

Secondly, you will be asked which model you wish to engage, the location you wish to meet her at (do note that not all girls want to meet you in your hotel room), as well as the date and time of engagement. This is usually subject to the girls’ availability, as most girls are still university students or working professionals, which means that they are not available anytime throughout the day for social escort services. Of course, if you really like the girl, it wouldn’t be difficult to come to a mutual agreement for a date and time just like how you would arrange a date.

You may be required to make a deposit sometimes to confirm your appointment

Third of all, to confirm your booking, you are usually required to transfer a deposit as confirmation of the booking, as there are many no shows. After you have placed your deposit, you will then be given a confirmation by the social escort agency. Do note that to prevent yourself from falling into a scam, only transfer into corporate accounts. There are 2 reasons for this:

  • If it’s not a corporate account, and is instead a private POSB account, it’s very hard to keep track and trace down the owner in the event of fraud. Do make sure that you’re dealing only with registered agencies and not private individuals or it’s likely scams.
  • If the company does not have a corporate account, chances are, it’s unregistered and an illegal business. As a result, buying from them is as good as buying from an illegal business, and due to the conservative and strict laws in Singapore, that will get you into big trouble.

Last but not least meet the social escort lady!

Last but not least, it will be the date itself. All you need to do is to turn up at the designated location at the designated date and time, and the escort will find you. In the event that the escort cannot find your location (although it’s unlikely because most agencies employ only Singaporean females), you can give the agency a call to find out where the girl is. That’s also the reason why you should only engage registered agencies, this way, they won’t scam you.

Social Escorts vs Prostitutes? What’s The Difference?

Although there is a very big difference between social escorts and prostitutes, many people in Singapore seem to misunderstand. Here are some of the biggest differences.

First of all, social escort agencies and the girls only provide you with companionship, and the girl will act as your significant other if you go to a public event or perhaps act as your girlfriend if you just want a short date. On the other hand, prostitutes provide sex or sexual services.

Second of all, social escorts charge you by the hour or day, while prostitutes charge you by the act.

Third of all, social escorts from agencies in Singapore charges range between $500 to $1000 per hour, for the first hour, and they are usually highly educated girls who are university or at least a diploma graduate. On the other hand, prostitutes charge between $40 to $100 per act, and they are usually from poor family background and have no education whatsoever and thus are definitely not conversationalists.

Fourth of all, it’s perfectly legal for you as a customer to engage a registered social escort agency in Singapore. However, if you enter the redlight district in Geylang, Singapore, and you engage the wrong provider, you may get into trouble during a police sting as not every business there is registered and it is also illegal for pimps to operate in Singapore.

Finally, pardon me for saying this, but Singapore social escorts look 10,000 times better than prostitutes. They are also usually Singaporean/PR and dress very well. On the other hand, prostitutes are just random (not necessarily pretty) girls from neighboring poorer countries who are usually forced to do it to make a living.