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Top Weight Loss Dieting Tips You Must Know (For Women)

There are unlimited number of tips in the world to help you lose weight. However, there are only a few you really need to know to really see visible and fast results.

First of all, you need to be in a caloric deficit. If you’re not burning off more calories than you’re taking in, you will not be able to lose weight. Your body is something like a mathematical formula. Instead of seeing it as a magical subject, it’s actually a formula. By controlling the amount of calories you take in & increasing your exercise intensity until you hit a caloric deficit, you will be able to lose weight literally on demand.

Second of all, you need to be reducing mainly carbohydrates, and not fat intake. Fats rarely make you fat, unless you took such high amounts of it and take so many calories worth of fat. However, chances are, that won’t be possible. You will probably die of a heart attack first if you eat that much fats before you actually get fat. However, carbohydrates and simple sugars especially will spike your insulin level, and then crashes your metabolism rates. This makes it more difficult for you to lose weight.

Yes that is all. In fact, if you know the above two concepts and truly apply it, you will see stunning results when it comes to your weight loss transformation. For more weight loss dieting tips, check out AlvinChua91’s YouTube channel.