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Lose Belly Fat Safe And Quick! (For Women)

Most women want to lose belly fat. However, most women do it incorrectly and do not see results, or go too extreme with fad diets and then burn out and don’t see results after a week or two!

Here are some tips and advice from renowned women weight loss coach AlvinChua91.com on the best exercises to lose belly fat for girls.

1. Firstly, do planks. Planks are a great isometric exercises, because it trains your lower back, your abs and your core. It is a powerful and efficient exercise to help you get your entire core muscle area into great and fantastic looking shape! Don’t worry, performing planks won’t make you look muscular and manly. It will only help you look more toned.

2. Second of all, always make sure to throw in some interval sprinting. Jogging is bad because it wastes too much time. Interval sprinting is infinitely more effective in terms of getting weight loss results because it saves you so much more time!!!!

3. Third of all, perform lower abdominal exercises such as alternating leg raises or leg raises. This is because lower abdominal exercises will workout both your lower and upper abs, while upper abdominal exercises will only workout your top, which makes upper abdominal exercises utterly and completely inefficient.

4. Fourth of all, do push ups. Push ups are a great exercise because it works out your arms, shoulders, chest and core. Because it work outs nearly your entire body, it is a great exercise to perform, especially if you perform several sets of it combined with the other exercises at the top if your goal is to burn fat.

5. Finally, use progressive overload into your exercise routine. Make sure to perform exercises at a slightly higher intensity for each and every single workout session – e.g. perform at least 1 more repetition for at least one of the sets or reduce rest time in between 1 or more of the sets.