Who Are The Clients Of Social Escorts?

There is a misconception among the general public that it is sleazy, old uncles who engage social escorts in Singapore. However, that’s far from the truth. In fact, those are the uncles who frequent the redlight district at Geylang! Social escorts are usually engaged by business professionals, and successful and wealthy men in Singapore. If you truly just wanted a quick fix, you would have just gone to Geylang. The men who engage social escorts want a companion and the girlfriend experience more than anything else, on top of it being more discreet, as they can meet anywhere as long as both parties are comfortable with it, and it will look like a normal date.

There are basically 2 types of dates when it comes to social escorts (looking for social escort? Then visit http://www.sgvipescorts.com/about). The first kind is a public date, and the girl will act as your partner. It is utterly imperative that the girl is a very eloquent and classy girl who will behave as a highly distinguished member of society and worthy of the clients’ status – in other words, no random ah lians. Businessmen and top bankers will need to frequent such social events often, and so they are common customers of social escorts in Singapore.

The second type of date is a private date. A private date is basically any date which is much more similar in nature to that of a normal date between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. It can be at a local cafĂ©, a casual drink at a hotel bar or perhaps just a . Most men who are business professionals actually face a lot of stress in their work, and to let loose of their emotions and troubles, they usually turn to social escorts, because they are strangers and they do not feel the need to hide how they are feeling. For instance, if they were to tell their family and friends about their stress etc, they may feel embarrassed afterwards. However, with a female social escort companion who doubles up as a girlfriend, you won’t feel that way at all. Due to the higher price points of social escorts, clients who hire them in this manner are also usually well paid, and are usually lawyers, bankers or surgeons e.t.c.


Why Go Online Dating? Just Use Social Escorts In SG!

Online dating is really tough in Singapore. This is especially the case for Singaporean men looking to date, regardless whether you are looking for a short term relationship, a hook up or a long term relationship. This is likely due to Singapore being a culturally conservative country, and girls here are much more prudent compared to other countries. Look at the video below by TreePotatoes demonstrating how girls are just resistant to nearly every kind of man who tries to pick them up:

I personally never bother with online dating in Singapore anymore. In my opinion, I just use social escorts – e.g. SGVIPESCORTS. They are much more convenient to use, especially when I want a short term date instead of a long term girlfriend… in Singapore. You can read more about my previous post about reviews of escort agencies in Singapore here.

Additionally, the best part about using social escort models instead of going through apps like Tinder to find a date is that they know that you are not in it for the long term relationship as well, therefore, the understanding is mutual and both parties are happy even at the end of the date.