Social Escorts vs Prostitutes? What’s The Difference?

Although there is a very big difference between social escorts and prostitutes, many people in Singapore seem to misunderstand. Here are some of the biggest differences.

First of all, social escort agencies and the girls only provide you with companionship, and the girl will act as your significant other if you go to a public event or perhaps act as your girlfriend if you just want a short date. On the other hand, prostitutes provide sex or sexual services.

Second of all, social escorts charge you by the hour or day, while prostitutes charge you by the act.

Third of all, social escorts from agencies in Singapore charges range between $500 to $1000 per hour, for the first hour, and they are usually highly educated girls who are university or at least a diploma graduate. On the other hand, prostitutes charge between $40 to $100 per act, and they are usually from poor family background and have no education whatsoever and thus are definitely not conversationalists.

Fourth of all, it’s perfectly legal for you as a customer to engage a registered social escort agency in Singapore. However, if you enter the redlight district in Geylang, Singapore, and you engage the wrong provider, you may get into trouble during a police sting as not every business there is registered and it is also illegal for pimps to operate in Singapore.

Finally, pardon me for saying this, but Singapore social escorts look 10,000 times better than prostitutes. They are also usually Singaporean/PR and dress very well. On the other hand, prostitutes are just random (not necessarily pretty) girls from neighboring poorer countries who are usually forced to do it to make a living.

Reviews Of Singapore’s Social Escort Agencies

Here’s a quick review of Singapore’s top social escort agencies. Keep in mind, these are just my personal opinions, not everyone may agree on it as everyone’s preference for girls is just vastly different.

First of all, I love Asian girls, and Singapore looking girls in particular. I like small, petite and beautiful women, and not big nasty women. This means that I particularly love young and slim Singaporean women, and so I only engage the social escort services of Singaporean women and agencies which specialize in them. As most agencies in Singapore actually do not specialize, this significantly narrows down my choices.

The first Singapore agency I would like to review is SG VIP Escorts. A relatively newly established agency, they are getting popular now due to the high standards of the girls and social escort services they provide. Specializing only in local SG girls (at least as of the last time I engaged their services), SG VIP Escorts provides excellent social escort services because they only engage local university graduates and above for their girls, thereby ensuring that their girls are able to engage in business speak and are eloquent, which frequently is the main reason men engage their services. This is because personally, I use social escorts only for social events (business). So, being eloquent and well dressed is highly important for me as a criteria in social escorts.

The second Singapore agency I would like to review is SG Model Escorts. They also specialize in Singaporean girls when it comes to their services. In general, I think the quality of their girls lookwise is on par with SG VIP Escorts, so, if you want to engage a social escort only for dating purpose, then both are fine. If you want to bring them to business events though, then make sure to engage SG VIP Escorts instead, as SG Model Escorts does not specialize only in eloquent university graduates while SG VIP Escorts does, so that will be more suitable if this is your main purpose for hiring an escort.